Maroon Bells Vehicle Decal
Maroon Bells Vehicle Decal Maroon Bells Vehicle Decal

Drive in style and show your adventurous streak with our new Hippy Trails' mountain range vehicle decals! These unique decals are designed to be put on the rear side window of most SUVs and some cars. They are made of thick, durable vinyl and weatherproof to withstand in even the most extreme summer or winter conditions. These decals are 26" wide and made to be custom cut to fit your vehicle's window.

Before applying to vehicle, it is recommended that you hold the decal to the desired window and draw cut lines so it fits perfectly. Then, trim the lines to size before applying. Start on the left and stick the sticker to the window slowly adhering it to the rest as you move to the right. If there are bubbles or wrinkles you can unpeel it and reattach it. Use a credit card to smooth out bubbles.